Industrial Visit to SPRL

AKGIM organized one Day Industrial Visit to Shriram Piston and Rings Ltd, Ghaziabad on 8th April 2023.


Visit started with the brief introduction about the SPRL by Mr. Arun, Manager HR followed by the visit to various sections of the plant. Students were briefed about the manufacturing process of Pistons and Rings. Students were amazed to see the various sections especially where Robots were involved in the process. Overall Students enjoyed the visit which ended by the interaction round with the senior Plant Managers who briefed about the challenges also that company is facing due to change in Automobile sector from Petrol to Electric Vehicles.

Industrial Visit to Jakson Solar Power Plant, Greater Noida


AKGIM organized Industrial visit for its MBA IV Sem students to Jakson Solar Power Plant, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh on 6th April 2022. Mr. Amit Sharma, HR Manager and Mr. J.P, Plant Manager were kind enough to arrange the visit to different sections of the plant. Students visited to different sheet cutting section and they were briefed about the working of photovoltaic cell, its assembly into the panels. Students also got to see the implementation of Kiazen in the plant.


Students were delighted to see the new automatic section of the plant.


Industrial Visit to Jakson Power Solutions


AKGIM organized an Industrial visit for MBA 3rd Semester students to Jakson Power Solutions, Greater Noida (U.P) on 29th January, 2020. Students were exposed to various production activities at the factory and were also given the opportunity to discuss their doubts. From beginning of solar panel manufacturing to Quality testing of solar panels, each activity was elaborated by the visit mentor. Students were also explained about the competitive structure of the industry as well as the future scope of solar electrification in India. Highly encouraging and thoughtful session was conducted by the plant head.

Industrial Visit to Maruti Suzuki India Limited

AKGIM organized an Industrial visit to Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Gurugram, Haryana on 23rd Oct., 2018. Students were taken to the factory to show how various automated and manual operations are coordinated and managed seamlessly. It was a never before kind of experience for the students to see the Robot operated assembly lines. A team of two seniors and two interns from Maruti Suzuki was guiding the students throughout the visit and was also explaining how different sections such as Paint Section, Welding Section, Inventory section, Quality Check etc. of the plan operated together. For safety purpose students were given helmets and caps. It was a learning experience for the students.

Industrial Visit to Carrier Airconditioning & Refregiration Ltd

An Industrial Visit to "Carrier Airconditioning & Refregiration Ltd" was organized by AKGIM on 30th August 2018. Students were exposed to vast Plant layout and production process of Air Conditioners. Students also got to know how 5S is implemented in the Plant. Relevance of employee safety and how uniquely it is being monitored was also discussed. Inquisitiveness of students was patiently handled by the Company Personnel. The Plant Visit was of great learning relevance especially in the area of HR.

Industrial Visit 7th November 2017

Jakson Power Solutions is amongst the few players in the industry with an integrated solar portfolio that includes IPP plants, EPC, solar products and manufacturing. As a Solar IPP, Jakson owns three power plants with a total installed capacity of 60MW. One of these plants is at Greater Noida (U.P).
AKGIM organized an Industrial Visit for MBA III Semester students on 7th November 2017 to Jakson Power Solutions, Greater Noida. The visit provided them with valuable inputs about the functional differences in the company. During their visit, inquisitive students asked various questions related to manufacturing and marketing particularly in exports. Students got first hand information about various strategies that Jakson is using. They also got to know the layout and manufacturing of solar panels.