Guest Lecture 2021

Group Captain Ashok K. Chordia

Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management had organized a Guest Lecture on “Motivation to Succeed” on 27th & 28th October, 2021 for MBA (II Year) students. The resource person was Grp Captain Ashok K. Chordia, an Indian Air Force Veteran. The lecture was attended by all the students and Faculty members.

In his session he talked about motivation and how it's a crucial element in setting and attaining one's objectives in both personal and professional spheres in life. He discussed that motivation is one of the driving forces behind human behavior and it fuels competition and sparks social connection in human beings and managers. He further talked about positive attitude and shared some roadmaps with the students that how motivation can help them as a Future Manager. The session was very interactive and highly motivating for the students.

MR. Vijay Balwani

Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management had organized an online Guest Lecture on “Special Initiatives on Financial Awareness (SIFA)” on 18th September, 2021 (Saturday) from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM through Google Meet. The resource person was Mr. Vijay Balwani, L&D Team at PNB Metlife. The lecture was attended by all the students and Faculty members.

In his address, Mr. Balwani talked about the importance of Financial Planning and how it serves as a step-by-step approach in meeting one’s life goals. He elaborated that essentially, it helps in controlling income, expenses and investments. He further, discussed about the need of financial security. From the session students got equipped with the information about building a portfolio, diversification & risk management as a part of individuals financial planning. The session was very interactive.

Ms. Upasana Koul

Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management had organized a Guest Lecture on “Business Process Analysis: Industry Insights” on 26th June 2021 (Saturday) from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Zoom platform. The guest speaker was Ms. Upasana Koul, Senior product Specialist at SAP Labs India. The lecture was attended by all the students and Faculty members.

In her address, Ms. Upasana Koul talked about how organizations and their businesses face process-related problems. She talked about the concept of process problem solving and various techniques used to increase the effectiveness of business operations, and managing operational risk. She also mentioned her experience in one of her assignments related to windmills' technical check-up efficiency and how the organizations can suffer from problems at different checkpoints as well as how to make strategies to solve them. Later she presented and elucidated on various latest techniques such as digital twinning, etc, and their advantages in diverse fields. She ended her talk on a positive and motivating note, inspiring students to try to find ways to empathize with the clients and look for the best optimum solution.

Dr. Raj Aggarwal

AKGIM has conducted a webinar on "Implementation of National Education Policy in Higher Education Institutions" on 3rd April, 2021. Dr. Raj Aggarwal, Director, AIMA-CME enlightened the participants by his candid delivery on the implementation aspect of NEP:2020. More than 100 participants attended the webinar. The focus of NEP and key principles were discussed in the beginning of the session. A detailed description of how NEP going to benefit higher education institutions was addressed. Possibilities and challenges related to implementation of NEP: 2020 were covered in the session.

Mr Amit Kumar

Online Guest talk of Mr. Amit Kumar, Vice President, Mall Business, Future Group on “Retail Technology” was organised by AKGIM on 14-2-21.

Mr. Amit talked about the retail sector and its distribution process. He explained how technology like Chatbots, Robots, Drones, big data Analytics, IoT, 3D printing and Digital assistance is changing the whole dynamics of Retail Industry. Mr Sharma also shared some interesting facts and figures about the impact of augmented reality in retail.

Students got enthralled by the examples of Wal Mart, Ikea, Nike etc about their usage of Technology in Retail. Students thoroughly enjoyed the session.


AKGIM organized an online guest talk on 23rd January, 2021 on the topic “Advertising & Marketing”. The talk was delivered by Mr. Vikas Sachdeva, Media Sales Professional. In the talk, Mr. Sachdeva talked about advertising and marketing & its importance in today’s business scenario. He empathized that Advertising and marketing are essential processes needed to ensure that products get to their target markets. Mr. Sachdeva elaborated on how a company can change the method of advertising for their product or services to maximize its impact.

He further elaborated that why Marketing is shifting to Digital due to its vast reach and advantages and that Digital advertising creates brand awareness while digital marketing develops the brand. He also said that during the time of Covid-19 pandemic, digital platform’s demand has been increased worldwide. Overall, the lecture was very interesting and conversant.


AKGIM organized an online guest talk on 21st January, 2021 on the topic “Importance of Data Science for Management Professionals”. The talk was delivered by Mr. Deepak Kumar, Associate Vice President- Data Science at Karvy Insights.

In the talk, Mr. Deepak Kumar emphasized upon importance of data and how companies and start-ups collect data from various users. Mr. Kumar talked about the concept of data science and how it is applied by Google and other firms. He also talked about certain platforms which is available online where the users can track all their own data. Additionally, elucidated on various industries such as healthcare, banking etc where use of data science is very diverse and important. While concluding his talk, Mr. Kumar mentioned various processing tools used at different stages of data science such as, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics etc. for data analysis, data visualization and business intelligence stage; Python, SAS, SPSS etc. for predictive analysis and statistical modelling stage; Auto Keras, DataRobot, Amazon Lex etc. for artificial intelligence stage of data science. Overall, the lecture was very knowledgeable and interactive.

Ms. Gloria Starr

AKGIM organized an online guest talk on 12th January, 2021 on the topic “Business Etiquettes and Mannerisms”. The talk was delivered by a very renowned personality, Ms. Gloria Starr, International Business Coach and Corporate Trainer, Certified Knowledge Broker, Master NLP Trainer and DiSC Certified People Profiler. In the talk, Ms. Starr talked about the importance of Business Etiquettes and Mannerisms to Management students. She emphasized that the basis of business etiquette is about building strong relationships in one’s field by promoting improved communication. Although basic business etiquette may vary from country to country, some principles stand universal. Ms. Gloria Starr mentioned that when it comes to business etiquette & mannerism, there are rules that aren’t meant to be broken. Her talk highlighted the basic rules of Business Etiquettes like, one must always look elegant & graceful accompanied by a great posture which shows one’s positive outlook. She said greeting the people that you come in contact with isn’t only polite but it establishes rapport. She added that one must always dress appropriately. Clean, pressed clothing without any loose threads or tags and relatively polished, closed-toe shoes are a must. She further elaborated that handshakes are the universal business greeting. A firm handshake is still considered a positive trait. She also emphasized upon other basic traits, for e.g. arriving on time, speaking kindly to others, watching the body language, not interrupting others, introducing yourselves to others, consuming food correctly etc. Overall, the lecture was very insightful and interactive.

Guest Lecture 2020

Online Industry Interaction Series - 2020
14th June, 2020
5:00PM to 6:00PM

AKGIM initiated online industry interaction series. The first talk of this series was delivered by Mr. Amit Sharma Khandelwal, Vice President- Future Group. The current situation of business has been badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Amit discussed the impact of COVID19 on retail industry and on consumers. He briefly also highlighted the dos and don’ts to be followed by the consumers while taking purchase decisions. Prof. Pankaj Chauhan, faculty AKGIM, coordinated the online industry interaction series related activities. He also moderated the session.Participants from institutes and companies such as Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun, Indiamart Intermesh Ltd., Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd, Playwell Impex Pvt Ltd, Uttranchal university, Sagar Institute of Technology and Management,Kumaun University Nainital, Shri Balaji Chemical Industries, Syndicated Bank, Himalayan Institute of Technology etc. attended the event.

21st June, 2020
5:00PM to 6:00PM

AKGIM initiated online industry interaction series to constructively engage its students and faculty members. The second talk of this series was delivered by Mr. Sandeep Sharma. He discussed the importance of war-rooms in handling supply chain crisis in situations like Covid-19. Mr. Sandeep Sharma is an industry expert and he is six sigma black belt in quality management. Prof. Pankaj Chauhan, faculty AKGIM, coordinated the online industry interaction series related activities. He also moderated the session.Participants from institutes and companies such as DS college, Lovely Professional University, IIMTU, INBOXE Consulting, Profitbyclick, TCS, POOJA INDUSTRIES, HDFC bank, Dr D Y Patil Institute of Management Studies, Akurdi, Pune, IBS Gurguram etc, attended the talk.

28th June, 2020
5:00PM to 6:00PM

AKGIM has initiated industry interaction series that involve industry experts to deliver session on value added talks. AKGIM consistently aims to provide opportunities that create connect between corporate and campus. In continuation within this series, talk on legal aspect of business by law professional was conducted. For this talk Mr. Rohit Salwaan: Head Legal & Chief Anti-Corruption Officer at IIFL Finance Limited, Mumbai. Was invited. Mr. Rohit Salwaan has expertise in legal analysis, legal strategic planning and risk mitigation with enriched experience of more than 17 years. His talk focussed on essentials of legal aspects that are related to ease of doing business. Prof. Pankaj Chauhan, faculty AKGIM, coordinated the online industry interaction series related activities. He also moderated the session.Participants from institutes and companies such as NIT Uttarakhand, Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd, IBM, USV, The Economic Times, PSG College of Technology, DIT University,KIIT, Jaipuria School of Business,Dr D Y Patil Institute of Management Studies Akurdi Pune, University College of Engineering,Kariavattom,Kerala, Mesco Institute of Pharmacy,Majestic Auto Limited, Mangalmay institute of management and technology Greater Noida, Surgi helath plusect. attended the talk.

5th July, 2020
5:00PM to 6:00PM

AKGIM organized 4th talk under 'Industry Interaction Series'. The theme of the talk was Indian Banking and the title of the talk was "INDIAN BANKING ECOSYSTEM: The Essential interventions for MSMEs and Start-ups". Mr. Vishal Vaibhav, Assistant Vice-President, IDFC-First Bank Limited was invited. Mr. Vishal answered variety of questions raised by the participants. He discussed about the bank plans and schemes to support MSMEs and start-ups during the COVID-19 pandemic, funding options for research and innovation activities, important elements in a project submitted to bank for loans and funding, dos and don’ts during interaction with bank, recent mergers of banks and NPAs. Prof. Pankaj Chauhan, faculty AKGIM, coordinated the onlineindustry interaction series related activities. He also moderated the session.Participants from institutes and companies such as Meridian Madhapur, G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, MAHARAJA Agrasen university Baddi, NIOS, Govt Polytechnic for women Kandaghat distt, Solan, FMS DELHI, IBM, Genpact, Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, The Economic Times etc. attended the talk.

12th July, 2020
5:00PM to 6:00PM

Connect today, transform tomorrow, it's just not our aim but it's our wish for you all. AKGIM organized ALUMNI TALK-2020 as a part of 'Industry Interaction Series. AKGIM Alumni Mr. Abhishek Raj Gupta, Ms. Disha Gupta, Ms. Gunjan Chaudhary, Ms. Poornima Goswami and Mr. Manvendra Pratap Singhwere invited as guest speaker for the fifth talks under Industry Interaction Series. Thus, this talk was titled as “ALUMNI TALK 2020”. Prof. Pankaj Chauhan, faculty AKGIM, coordinated the activities related toalumni talk as a part of online industry interaction series. He also moderated the session.

Mr. Sumit Chaudhari

AKGIM organized a guest lecture on 26th February, 2020 on the topic “Moving towards Career Success. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Sumit Chaudhari, Chairman and Managing Director, Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Pvt. Ltd. In the lecture, Mr. Chaudhari discussed the importance of clarity of objectives in order to excel in career with respect to eight important elements of Career Success such as Academic Discipline, Professional Discipline, Honest and Ethical Behavior, Respecting Self and Others, Attitude of Gratitude, Diagnosis and Actions Based on Realities, Life Long Learning and Understanding Organizational Culture. The lecture was very insightful and interactive.

Ms. Parul Dubey

On 11th February, 2020 AKGIM organized an interactive session on “COMMUNICATION- The means of communication is the response you get”. The session was delivered by Ms. Parul Dubey, Counseling Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Regression Therapist. In the session, Ms. Dubey talked about ‘Ego states’ i.e. parenting adult and child states. She discussed about ‘Hypnotherapy’ and stated it is a type of complementary medicine in which hypnosis is used to create focused attention in which positive suggestion and guided imaginations are used to help individuals deal with a variety of concerns and issues. At the end of the session, she also discussed about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which is a pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy. Overall the session was full of knowledge and interactive.

Guest Lecture 2019

Mr. Ajay Mohan Goel

On 27th August 2019, AKGIM organized an interactive session on "Interpersonal Skills for Self-Management". The session was delivered by Mr. Ajay Mohan Goel, founding partner of SMG Skill Pvt. Ltd. He emphasized on the role and importance of interpersonal skills in overall development of an individual. He talked about various Self-management skills and emphasized that these characteristics help an employee to feel and be more productive in the workplace. Further, he explained that how self-management skills help an employee communicate and interact efficiently with fellow workers, supervisors, and even customers. They also help employees make good decisions and improve time management. The interaction concluded with a quiz session with the students where focus was on making them understand the importance of listening, when to talk, how to listen etc. Overall the session was full of knowledge and interactive.

Mr. Amit Chaurasia

On 18th August 2019, AKGIM organized an interactive session on “Wealth management”, in which Mr. Amit Chaurasia, The Regional Market Director, Reliance Money, discussed the tactics and tools that an investor can use to create long-term & positive investment returns. He emphasized the importance of asset allocation and diversification and the limited effects of market timing and security selection. Mr. Amit also, talked about the extraordinary returns of hedge funds, one of the alternative investments using pooled funds that employ different strategies to earn active returns in portfolio management.

He also enlightened the students on the important points in investment with respect to today’s economic scenario. He cleared some myths related to financial investments and also focused on the initial risk analysis before investing into any avenues for getting maximum revenues.

The overall session was very informative and interactive as Mr. Amit Chaurasia cleared many doubts related to financial market

“Guest Lecture 2018

Mr. Arun Rawal

On 8th October 2018, AKGIM organized a guest lecture on "Telecom industry in India." Lecture was delivered by Mr. Arun Rawal vice president of Reliance polymers. Mr. Arun Rawal briefed students about challenges Telecom sector is facing and also discussed about opportunities that India can encash in this sector. Students showed their inquisitiveness during the lecture and therefore, clarified their doubts about the same. Students had a good learning session.

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava, Deputy Manager Brand Solutions, HT Media delivered a guest talk on 28th September 2018 on the topic" Branding, A Strategic Tool" Mr. Shubhang briefed students on how companies can leverage brand management solutions to gain the competitive advantage. Mr. Srivastava discussed examples of Coca-Cola, Lux, Cadburys, Maruti and many more . During lecture, he also emphasized on current practices that various companies are adopting to enhance their respective brands. Session was very interactive, full of learning

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri

AKGIM organised a Guest talk on 25th August 2018 on the topic "Getting Ready for Success in Corporate World" by Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Chairperson and Managing Director Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Private Limited. Mr. Sumit discussed how openness to learning will help students to overcome challenges of VUCA world. Session was made interactive by playing a small game with the students that made them to think out of the box. Mr. Chaudhuri not only discussed relevance of self discipline but also positive attitude and how it helps student in relishing success. Students enjoyed session thoroughly.

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava, Deputy Manager, Brand Solutions (HT Media) delivered a lecture on 'BRAND MANAGEMENT' on 27th March 2018. The session highlighted the various elements and attributes of Brand. He also discussed about the Brand Hierarchy and briefed about how any brand is perceived in the market. He also discussed how brand ambassadors play crucial role in building a strong image of the product which he supplemented with the case study of Fair& Lovely and Coca Cola .The session was highly interactive and inspirational for the students.

Mr. Arun Rawal

On 7th March 2018, AKGIM organized a guest lecture on "Strategies of Reliance in Indian market". Lecture was delivered by Mr. Arun Rawal vice president of reliance polymers. Mr. Arun Rawal made students understand how economies of scale are being opted by Reliance that distinguishes it from other competitors. He emphasized on finance aspect also. He also discussed how refinery forms a major contribution to the company's entire net profit. He emphasized on the role of backward integration. Students thoroughly enjoy the interactive session of Mr. Arun Rawal.

Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi

On 25th Jan 2018, AKGIM organised a Guest lecture on "Preparing yourself for the future". Lecture was delivered by Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi, a renowned academician. Prof Tripathi made the students understand how the lifestyles and aspirations are changing in today's scenario. He emphasized on the role IoTs and AI in one's life. He stressed on the impact of big data and social media. He also insisted on performing the job in the best possible way. The session turned out to be very useful and had a good learning experience.

Mr. M.C Munjal

Mr. M.C Munjal, MD of Majectisc Auto Ltd interacted with the students of AKGIM on 18-01-2018. He told students that they should evaluate their competencies and work upon them. Mr. Munjal shared his experiences and told students how they can hone their leadership skills. He exhorted students to become ethical corporate leaders. Students were very excited to listen to Mr. Munjal .