Guest Lecture 2018

Mr. Arun Rawal

On 8th October 2018, AKGIM organized a guest lecture on "Telecom industry in India." Lecture was delivered by Mr. Arun Rawal vice president of Reliance polymers. Mr. Arun Rawal briefed students about challenges Telecom sector is facing and also discussed about opportunities that India can encash in this sector. Students showed their inquisitiveness during the lecture and therefore, clarified their doubts about the same. Students had a good learning session.

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava, Deputy Manager Brand Solutions, HT Media delivered a guest talk on 28th September 2018 on the topic" Branding, A Strategic Tool" Mr. Shubhang briefed students on how companies can leverage brand management solutions to gain the competitive advantage. Mr. Srivastava discussed examples of Coca-Cola, Lux, Cadburys, Maruti and many more . During lecture, he also emphasized on current practices that various companies are adopting to enhance their respective brands. Session was very interactive, full of learning.

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri

AKGIM organised a Guest talk on 25th August 2018 on the topic "Getting Ready for Success in Corporate World" by Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Chairperson and Managing Director Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Private Limited. Mr. Sumit discussed how openness to learning will help students to overcome challenges of VUCA world. Session was made interactive by playing a small game with the students that made them to think out of the box. Mr. Chaudhuri not only discussed relevance of self discipline but also positive attitude and how it helps student in relishing success. Students enjoyed session thoroughly.

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava, Deputy Manager, Brand Solutions (HT Media) delivered a lecture on 'BRAND MANAGEMENT' on 27th March 2018. The session highlighted the various elements and attributes of Brand. He also discussed about the Brand Hierarchy and briefed about how any brand is perceived in the market. He also discussed how brand ambassadors play crucial role in building a strong image of the product which he supplemented with the case study of Fair& Lovely and Coca Cola .The session was highly interactive and inspirational for the students.

Mr. Arun Rawal

On 7th March 2018, AKGIM organized a guest lecture on "Strategies of Reliance in Indian market". Lecture was delivered by Mr. Arun Rawal vice president of reliance polymers. Mr. Arun Rawal made students understand how economies of scale are being opted by Reliance that distinguishes it from other competitors. He emphasized on finance aspect also. He also discussed how refinery forms a major contribution to the company's entire net profit. He emphasized on the role of backward integration. Students thoroughly enjoy the interactive session of Mr. Arun Rawal.

Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi

On 25th Jan 2018, AKGIM organised a Guest lecture on "Preparing yourself for the future". Lecture was delivered by Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi, a renowned academician. Prof Tripathi made the students understand how the lifestyles and aspirations are changing in today's scenario. He emphasized on the role IoTs and AI in one's life. He stressed on the impact of big data and social media. He also insisted on performing the job in the best possible way. The session turned out to be very useful and had a good learning experience .

Mr. M.C Munjal

Mr. M.C Munjal, MD of Majectisc Auto Ltd interacted with the students of AKGIM on 18-01-2018. He told students that they should evaluate their competencies and work upon them. Mr. Munjal shared his experiences and told students how they can hone their leadership skills. He exhorted students to become ethical corporate leaders. Students were very excited to listen to Mr. Munjal .