Guest Lecture 2016

Dr. Frank Bond

AKGIM was privileged to invite Dr. Frank Bond, Head Institute of Management Studies, University of London for delivering a guest session on "Our Organisational Behaviour and Occupational Psychology in Relation to the Leadership Management" on November 18th 2016. Dr. Bond had a very interactive session with our students, he told students why sometimes we predict and perceive persons wrongly based on their behaviour. Dr. Bond gave an insight about motivating our colleagues if one knew their needs and desires. Students enthusiastically listened and also clarified their doubts during the session.

Mrs. Mahalakshmi Loganathan

A guest lecture on" 'STRATEGIC POSITIONING OF MARKET NEEDS" was held on 25th Oct 2016. Mrs.MAHALAKSHMI LOGANATHAN, Vice President Strategy, Linchpin Technologies Pvt Ltd delivered the lecture. She told students how companies strategise according to the customers and also emphasized on adapting changes and reflecting them through strategies. Session was very interactive, students got to know about various strategies that are being adopted by the companies and for their products.

Dr. Sudhir K. Jain

On 19th October 2016, Guest lecture was organised on the topic "The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in WTO era". Dr. Sudhir K. Jain, Professor IIT Delhi threw light on the topic and discussed about Intellectual property rights (IPRs). He talked about their relevance, GAAT and IPR. Lecture included brief about trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial design rights, TRIPS, TRIMS and trade secrets. He made it very simple through various examples that made it easy for students to have an insight about the topic. His interaction with the students made the lecture not only knowledgeable but also interesting.

Mr. Vipin Garg

Mr Vipin Garg, Financial Consultant interacted with students of AKGIM on 25th September 2016. Mr. Garg delivered his lecture on various insights of Goods and Service Tax. Mr. Vipin made fundamentals of GST clear in very simple terms and discussed how it is going to benefit the individuals as well as manufacturing sector. He emphasized the long term affect of GST on the Indian economy. Mr. Vipin delightfully clarified doubts of the students. Session was very informative and participative in which students enjoyed thoroughly.

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Chairman and Managing Director, THIRD MILLENNIUM BUSINESS RESOURCE ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED, delivered a lecture on "Campus to Corporate" on 24th August, 2016 to the students of AKGIM. During his lecture, he briefed the students on how to prepare themselves for the coming corporate life. The lecture included an activity for all the students. He told the students 'to dream big' but also to work for it with 'reality'. He emphasized on the outlook of 'success' and said that one should not just superficially view the success of other people instead, one should regard the hard work they have put in to reach that level. The session was highly inspirational for the students.

Prof. Satyavir S. Sharma

Prof. Satyavir S. Sharma, Operations Management Consultant and Trainer, delivered a lecture on "Achieving Operations Excellence" on 14th March 2016 to the students of AKGIM. Mr. Sharma shared his expertise on the said topic. During his lecture, he highlighted that the USP of excellence is 'Strategy'. He also laid emphasis on improvement and knowledge as the key success factors in Operations Management. Lecture included a case study presentation on the application of O&M for the benefit of society. The session was quite interactive and interesting.

Mr. Sudip Mallik

Mr. Sudip Mallik, Founder & CEO Global Learning Company, delivered a lecture on " ENTREPRENEURSHIP: EASE OF DOING BUSINESS " to the students of AKGIM on 11th March, 2016. The session highlighted the different concepts of Entrepreneurship on enhancing the skills and critical thinking of the students as Entrepreneurs. He also discussed with the students, about various initiatives taken by the Government of India under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for new and young Entrepreneurs. The session was highly inspirational for the students.