Vision :

We inspire and enable a better world through our scholarship and teaching about management and organizations.

Mission :

The mission of the AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management is to publish empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice.

Aim and scope :

AAYAM in Hindi carries a rich Reservoir of meanings: Dimension, Extensity, Scope, Reach, and Diversity. The journal seeks to reflect this range of meanings vis-à-vis management research, managerial problem solving, and decision-making. It is a Bi-annual journal. Its objective is to provide a valuable forum for research and scholarship on management-orientated themes and topics. Its aim is to encourage applied research and contributions relevant to practicing managers and academicians. It lays emphasis on the understanding of management theories and the context, systems, processes as drivers of the performance of organizations. The journal seeks research contributions on the challenges and management issues of emerging economies.

Coverage :

Every issue of the journal carries the following:

  1. Emerging trends and ideas that call for action or rethinking by managers, administrators, and policy makers in organizations.
  2. Research articles that focus on the analysis and resolution of managerial and academic issues based on analytical and empirical or case research.
  3. Articles focusing on managerial applications of management practices, theories, and concepts.
  4. Case describing a real-life situation faced with an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context.
  5. Book Reviews including critical examination of a text, a summary of the work and opposing views.

Message from the Patron :

It is my pleasure to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of team of AAYAM, Journal of Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management. In its very first issue the journal has established its National Standing.

Since the inception of the Institute, our efforts have always been in the direction of promoting the research efforts in the Institute because we believe that Research is the backbone for any Higher Education Institute, For this reason, at AKGIM Research initiatives have been put at the very high note. 

AAYAM, is the initiative of AKGIM, to bring in the more seriousness and quality in the research endeavors' for establishing the utility and relevance of Management Education.  

Research in any field can become the gateway of future growth and learning in the particular area. Peter Senge's concept of Learning Organization is actually true in this age of changing environment, where it has been mentioned that Organizations can succeed only by imbibing the culture of learning and sharing.  Objective of any journal is similar, and I wish AAYAM Team to achieve this objective.

Ashok Pal
Chairman AKGIM

From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief :

Editor in Chief

It is my pleasure and pride to present before you the prestigious Journal of AAYAM, which is an outlet for research on Management and related themes like Social Sciences, Econometrics, Business Statistics, Business and Commerce, Public Policy, Sustainable Development Studies, Banking, Business Ethics, Urban Studies, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion etc. The Journal publishes articles which are full of depth and generate new knowledge base in the broad arena of management. It includes empirical, conceptual and methodological articles across all above mentioned fields.

Thus main objective of the Journal is to attract Scholars and Intellectuals who by thoughtful thinking have the power to change the course of Management world. This change in the Management world can be then imbibed by the society in large, which then automatically contributes to World peace and Nation Development.

The journal is published Bi- annually, and is registered with Cabell's Directory USA.

Every issue of the journal focuses around the emerging trends and ideas that call for action or rethinking by managers, administrators, and policy makers in organizations. It also focus on the analysis and resolution of managerial and academic issues based on analytical and empirical, case research describing a real-life situation faced with an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context. It also includes book reviews with critical examination of a text along with the contribution made to the academic world.

All the Articles passes through stringent double blind peer review process before getting them published.

Dr. Tripurari Pandey
Editor- in - chief

Ajit Prasad
Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, India
Alok Saklani
Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi, India
B. D. Singh
Former Chairman, NALCO, India National Aluminum Co. Ltd, India
D. P. Goyal
Management Development Institute, Gurgoan, India
Gireesh Chandra Tripathi
Deputy Director General (Academics), PMI, NTPC
Hanoku Bathula
Department of Int'l Business AIS St. Helens, Auckland, New Zealand
K. N. Badhani
Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, India
K. C. Sethi
Former Professor, IIM Calcutta, India
Kamana Mallik
NASSCOM, Former Professor U 21, Global University, Singapore
Pawan Jain
Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, India
S. K. Singh
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, India
RBL Goswami
Former Vice-Chancellor, C.C.S. University, Meerut, India
R. P. Saxena
University of Wollongong, Dubai
R.K. Agarwal
Director, AKGEC, Ghaziabad, India
Stephen Nicholas
University of New Castle, Australia
Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Wali K Mondel
School of Business and Management National University, USA
Peter E. Koveos
Whitman School of Management,Syracuse University, USA

Editorial Board :

Ashok Pal
AKGIM, Ghaziabad, India
Tripurari Pandey
AKGIM, Ghaziabad, India


Fiona Lettice
Norwich Business School University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Rajeev K. Goel
Professor Illinois State University, Normal, USA
Ramesh Krishnan
Director Hyderabad Institute of Excellence India
Vidhi Agrawal
Assistant Professor and Chairperson -Research AKGIM, Ghaziabad, India
Neeta Sahu
Assistant Professor AKGIM, Ghaziabad, India
Sarjue Pandita
Associate Professor AKGIM, Ghaziabad, India

Call of papers

The AAYAM: AKGIM Journal of Management invites original research works from academicians and researchers for the Journal. All papers will go through a process of review and papers accepted by reviewers will be considered for publications. All papers must be original contribution and should be submitted through Email and one hard copy with soft copy in CD of the same with an undertaking to the editor.

Authors should use Times New Roman with font size 12 in MS-Word format with double space. The format and references of the paper should be according to the Author's Guidelines.

The Principal Author should clearly indicated, i.e. his / her name, full address, Phone No., & email for all correspondence.

Dear Authors,

The journal encourages theoretical and empirical research papers, articles, cases of relevance to both academicians and practitioners. In addition the journal invites manuscripts covering application of theory to real life management activities, where the findings would be of interest to researchers, executives, academicians and management students. Papers based on theoretical/empirical research and experience should satisfy good quality research and must reflect the practical applicability/policy implications of the research

Please adhere to the following instructions while submitting research paper/ article/Case studies to AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management

Submission of Papers

The following guidelines need to be taken into account

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor-in- chief electronically by web in order to avoid delays. Submit the 'Word' file attached to email on the following address aayam@akgim.edu.in or by post to AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management c/o Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management, 27th Km Stone, Nh-24 Delhi-Hapur Bypass Road, Ghaziabad – 201009 Uttar Pradesh. At the time of submission, a short Bio-sketch and passport size photo of all the authors will be required.

Conditions of Submission

Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that they:
  • are original;
  • are not under consideration by any other publisher;
  • have not been previously published in whole or in part;
  • have not been previously accepted for publication;
  • have not been previously reviewed by the AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management
  • Will not be submitted elsewhere until a decision is reached regarding their publication in the AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management.

Any prior publication of the data featured in the manuscript should be explicitly acknowledged when submitting. (Any forthcoming or 'in press' articles which use the data should be forwarded to the editor.)

Please state whether you wish your submission to be reviewed as a regular article or as a 'research note.' Any manuscript submitted as a research note should also include the phrase 'submitted as a research note' on the bottom of the page containing the abstract.

In order to facilitate processing of submissions, please make sure that your submission contains only the absolute minimum necessary footnotes or endnotes.


The full length contribution for Regular articles should be no longer than 15 pages and 'research notes' no longer than 10 pages. Constructs and variables should be identified in words, not abbreviations. Any hypotheses should be explicitly identified as such. All manuscripts should be double-spaced. Margins should be one inch (2.5 cm) at the top, bottom and sides of the page. Font size should be Times New roman12 point or larger.

Title Page

The title page should list author names and contact details, the title of the article and suggestions for a short running title of no more than 40 characters (including spaces). Titles should be short, and abstracts should be informative for non-specialists.


Authors are asked to supply an abstract of no more than 150 words. Abstracts shall be continuous text without any paragraphs. No reference will be included. Font size should be Times New roman12 point or larger. Please be sure that the abstract page does not contain any information identifying the author(s). Also, please take care to create a title and an abstract that are direct and 'reader-friendly'.

Please be sure that the abstract page does not contain any information identifying the author(s). Also, please take care to create a title and an abstract that are direct and 'reader-friendly'.


Include up to six keywords that describe your paper for indexing and for web searches in your manuscript. Font size should be Times New roman12 point or larger.


The text of the paper should follow immediately by the Abstract in double spacing and printed in Times New roman12 point or larger. The introduction should state clearly the objective of the paper as well as the motivation and context of the research. The literature review should be limited to the articles, books and other items that have a direct bearing on the topic being addressed. Theoretical papers may devote a full section to the motivation and potential usefulness of the proposed theoretical framework. Empirical papers that do not develop new theories or hypotheses should be kept short. The empirical section should give details of the methodology used only if it is new.

Details of the empirical section tests if any should not be included in the paper itself and should be provided in the appendix. The conclusion should summarize key findings and state their importance to the field.

Endnotes and footnotes should be kept to an absolute minimum. Substantive comments should be integrated within the text rather than placed in a note. Endnotes, references, appendices, tables and figures should be placed at the end of the manuscript and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers placed as superscript.


References to published works must be cited in text according to the author/date system and listed alphabetically as a separate appendix titled 'References' at the end of the manuscript.

The following are examples of proper form:

    Berry L (1995),"Relationship marketing of services, growing interest, Emerging Perspective "Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Vol.23 (fall), pp236-245.

    Only include an issue number in brackets after the volume number if every issue of the referenced periodical begins with a page numbered 1.
  • Books
    Arora, Ashish, Andrew Fosfuri and Alfonso Gambardella, (2001), Markets for Technology: The economics of innovation and corporate strategy. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
    (Use city where published, with abbreviation for state or province (North America) or full name of country, only if needed to indentify a small city or eliminate ambiguity).
  • For Edited Books
    Malhotra N.K., P. (2004), "Marketing Research: an Applied Orientation" 4th (Ed.), New Delhi Press PHI, pp.111-126
  • Unpublished Papers, Dissertations and Papers Presented at Meeting :
    Surname, First name, year, Title of paper. Working paper no. 54, Name of University, Town, State.
    Surname, First name, year, Title of paper. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Name of university, City.
    Surname, First name, year, Title of paper. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Name of Academy, Month, and City.

  • Online Documents
    Surname, First name, "Full title of document" ; full title of the work it is part of ; the ftp, http or other address ; date document was posted or accessed.

Figures and Tables

Figures and tables should follow the references and should be numbered consequently. The figures or table numbers and description should appear left justified in 12 point New Roman, bold face at the top of the illustrations, symbols or parts of a figure should be produced graphically.


To enable the Publisher to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must assign copyright in their manuscripts to AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management the publisher'. Authors must confirm on submission that the article is original, is not under consideration by another journal, has not previously been published elsewhere and that its content has not been anticipated by previous publication. Copyright for published papers will be vested in the publisher i.e. AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management and authors must sign the 'transfer of copyright' agreement before the article can be published. Authors are responsible to obtain permission from the publisher to reproduce any content of their contribution.

In the electronic files please be sure to

  • Clear the file of all possible viruses
  • Erase everything from the files except the manuscript text, tables and figures
  • Remove all information that could identify the author(s) of the paper (including acknowledgements and contact information); be sure to remove all identifying information from the 'File, Properties, Summary' menu.

Accuracy for all material supplied on the disk and manuscript is the responsibility of the author. The manuscript text must be spell checked and any technical material must be absolutely clear. These requirements apply to all stages of production.

Appendices :

Appendices, if used, should follow the references. The word "Appendix" should be at the top of each Appendix as a first level heading. If there is more than one Appendix, number each consecutively.

Page numbering
Print all page numbers

The Manuscript Should be sent to :

AAYAM-AKGIM Journal of Management
Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management
27th km stone, NH-24 Delhi - Hapur Bypass Road
Ghaziabad – 201009 Uttar Pradesh
Telephone: +91-120-2762592-99 Fax: 91 120-2762604
Email: aayam@akgim.edu.in

AAYAM: AKGIM Journal of Management

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Subscription Process:

Send the following letter to us through FAX/COURIER/SCAN copy on EMAIL:


I wish to subscribe AAYAM: AKGIM Journal of Management, for 1 / 2 / 3 year(s). A draft / cheque bearing No. 

For Rs.
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Contact Details for Subscription:  
Address for courier : Dr. Vidhi Agrawal, Chairperson Research & Publications and Editor: AAYAM: AKGIM Journal of
Management, Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management, 27th Km stone, NH-24 Delhi-Hapur Bypass Road,
Ghaziabad – 201 009. Uttar Pradesh, India, Telephone: +91-120-2762592-99 Fax: +91-120-2762604, Ext. No.213,
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