“CHANAKYA” Business Simulation Game (Students) 10-11 November 2017


In order to make students experience the real corporate environment and how to make decision in a competitive market environment, AKGIM in association with AIMA conducted 2 days simulation Game "Chanakya" on 10th -11th November 2017.

In this risk free virtual environment, students got to know complexities of business which is full of opportunities, challenges and failures. Through this game, students honed their invaluable skill to handle on before embarking on their journey as managers.

All together there were seven teams that were competing against each other in the same market for a slice of the consumer pie and profits. Students got an opportunity to strategize with their teammates before making the final decisions. The dynamic aspect was prevalent however in the decision-making areas, where students could immediately see the effect of their choices once they started experimenting with the decisions. After every decision-making round, students' decision was simulated against other teams and the results of the round were available on the simulation platform.

After playing 5 Quarter game, Team 7 lifted the winner trophy with a cumulative profit of 84.945 followed by Team 6 with a profit of 78.055. Winning Team comprised of Prashant Kumar Garg, Kshitij Tyagi, Mehak Tewari, Amit Kumar Sengar, Akash Tyagi, Sadhana Shipra.

Mr. Vijay and Mr D.K Gupta were the simulator Game experts from AIMA. Students thoroughly enjoyed the Game.