Message from the Patron :

It is my pleasure to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of team of AAYAM, Journal of Ajay Kumar Garg Institute of Management. In its very first issue the journal has established its National Standing.

Since the inception of the Institute, our efforts have always been in the direction of promoting the research efforts in the Institute because we believe that Research is the backbone for any Higher Education Institute, For this reason, at AKGIM Research initiatives have been put at the very high note. 

AAYAM, is the initiative of AKGIM, to bring in the more seriousness and quality in the research endeavors' for establishing the utility and relevance of Management Education.  

Research in any field can become the gateway of future growth and learning in the particular area. Peter Senge's concept of Learning Organization is actually true in this age of changing environment, where it has been mentioned that Organizations can succeed only by imbibing the culture of learning and sharing.  Objective of any journal is similar, and I wish AAYAM Team to achieve this objective.

Ashok Pal
Chairman AKGIM